30 May 2016

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians Highlights

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians Highlights
Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians Highlights

 Mumbai Indians Highlights:

Aaron to Buttler, SIX, there's the winning run and how symbolic is it that a full toss blows RCB away. Buttler was in the mood, sees a slice of kindness and slogs it over cow corner brutishly. Mumbai recover from their abysmal Visakhapatnam ghosts (Bangalore not from the bowling malady) and continue the charge over RCB at Chinnaswamy - they now lead six games to one over RCB, here at Chinnaswamy
Jordan to Buttler, SIX, whoa! That has hit the rope on the full. Buttler, you beauty. Just a full ball drifting across to pitch on leg-stump, Buttler winds up before you could wink and picks it up all the way to the deep mid-wicket fence. Mumbai are roaring to the target now. 10 needed off the last two
Jordan to Buttler, SIX, some magnanimity from Jordan and Buttler butchers him. A full toss, Buttler swings his bat and shoots the ball over long-on
Watson to Pollard, FOUR, this is a mediocre over. Full toss, can you believe, and Pollard swings his wrists with jerky wrists over backward square leg
Watson to Pollard, FOUR, that lucky! Looks to batter a shortish ball over mid-off, ekes out a top-edge that well eludes short third man and runs away between the fielder and the keeper
Watson to Pollard, SIX, "brute force," reckons Ravi Shasri on air. His change of bat is certainly helping. Not a bad ball at all. Length ball wide of off, reaches out and uses his long hands to loft it over long-off. That was Pollard's 400th T20 six
Aaron to Buttler, FOUR, that's outlandish. You know what, he wanted it scoop over fine leg, sees the width and makeshifts ingeniously. Opens himself up, swipes his heaven-facing blade horizontally and ramped it wide of the keeper to the third man fence
Aaron to Rayudu, out Caught by de Villiers!! Oh, just frame this catch already. This is from de Villiers' backpack of stunners. Rayudu mistimes this flat-batted heave over mid-on, AB comes running from the deep, dives forward, pouches it and executes a side-on somersault to recover. Rayudu c de Villiers b Aaron 44(47) [4s-2 6s-2]
Watson to Pollard, FOUR, that's a carnivorous cover drive. Sped away. Watson goes full outside off and Pollard punishes him with a blazing drive that shaves its way through the outfield
Watson to Pollard, SIX, that would shame a pancake. That flat. Swings his arms, grabs hold of this length ball and punishes it with a flat-bat over long-on
Chahal to Nitish Rana, out Caught by Binny!! That's a stunner. Binny is the man at deep cover and boy, hasn't he delighted. Rana looks to devour the flight with a loft over cover, Binny was running across in the deep but doesn't find himself under the ball - finds it looping high over his left shoulder. Now come the acrobatics. Twists whilst off the ground and plucks it out of this Bengaluru air. Nitish Rana c Binny b Chahal 9(11) [6s-1]
Aaron to Nitish Rana, SIX, that's soft. Short ball, Rana opens up seeing the width and ramps it all the way over third man
Aaron to Rayudu, SIX, that's been spaceship'd away! Fuller length on the stumps, Rayudu had the room made and lofts it straight down the ground. Wow
Aaron to Rohit, out Caught by de Villiers!! Rohit has given it away to hand Aaron his first wicket of this season. The bowler roars with his arms aloft and then screams with popping neck veins in Rohit's face. Just a tame length ball, forgive me, but Rohit wanted to mow it over long-on, gets it high on the bat and holes out to the (Super)man in the deep. Rohit c de Villiers b Aaron 25(24) [4s-3]
Jordan to Rayudu, 1 run, 50-run stand. On leg-stump, holds up to make the loft unintentionally uppish to long-on
Jordan to Rohit, FOUR, pummels an overpitched delivery with a free swing of the arms. Picks it up with a lofted drive and cleaves it between extra cover and mid-off
Aravind to Rayudu, SIX, he is done with those steers and dabs. Steps down and thrashes it uppishly over mid-off, hit it well and the ball cleared the fence with ease
Watson to Rayudu, FOUR, such shots should not fetch fours. This is heartbreaking for the bowlers. It was a back of a length delivery just outside off, Rayudu positioned himself on the pull, did not time it all. But the ball rocketed along the surface even as two fielders tried to haul it down
Aravind to Rayudu, FOUR, mid-off is fairly wide and Aravind has faltered keeping that in mind. Bowls it too straight and all Rayudu had to do was present a full face of the bat on the drive to send it down to the long-off fence
Jordan to Rohit, FOUR, did not time it at all. But does not matter here, the ball tends to travel at this venue. Short ball outside off and Rohit fetched the pull from there, got it off the splice of the bat, falls just short of the deep square leg fence
Jordan to Rohit, FOUR, oh beauty! As if ran his fingers through a strand of silk. Half-volley outside off and Rohit just opened the face a bit on the drive, bisected the field between cover and point with ease
Aravind to Parthiv Patel, out Caught by Watson!! Extra bounce has done the trick. What a start for Aravind, got this one to move away a bit after hitting the back of a length just outside off, the bounce was too much for Patel's liking who tried to force it towards the off-side, got a thickish outside edge that carried to Watto at a good height. In front of his face and he reverse cupped it in typical Aussie style. Parthiv Patel c Watson b Aravind 1(2).

Royal Challengers Bangalore Highlights:

McClenaghan to Rahul, leg byes, 1 run, this time McClenaghan succeeds in foxing Rahul. Bowls it on the pads after seeing Rahul back away, off Rahul's pads towards fine leg
McClenaghan to Rahul, SIX, Rahul is injured but he is playing like a lone wolf, making use of everything that is coming his way. Moved outside his crease and clipped it over the fine leg fence, the ball just about cleared the fence there
Pollard to Sachin Baby, FOUR, and that's the icing on the cake. Slower back of a length delivery, Baby pulls across and beats Bhajji's dive at the deep mid-wicket fence. 23 runs off the over
Pollard to Sachin Baby, SIX, Pollard decided to pitch it full this time, did not help the cause though. Baby cleared his front leg and lofted it over the long-on fence, Southee was interested there, might have tipped it over the fence
Pollard to Sachin Baby, SIX, this is the over the hosts needed. Good length is not good any more, Baby swings across and thrashes it over the deep mid-wicket fence
Pollard to Rahul, SIX, welcome to Bangalore Mr Pollard. Bowls a back of a length delivery, did not have pace behind it, Rahul swung across and put it over the deep backward square leg fence
Southee to Sachin Baby, FOUR, that's not bad! That's awesome in fact. Waited for the back of a length delivery and swung across the line to beat long-on to his right, one bounce and over the ropes
Southee to Rahul, 1 run, fifty for Rahul. Another one this season. Southee tried to go for the yorker, ended up serving a half-volley on his legs, Rahul clips it to deep mid-wicket
Bumrah to Watson, out Watson Run Out!! And the captain sends Watson back. He is not even in the frame, that will save some time. Bumrah went full outside off and Watson jammed the drive towards Rohit at extra cover, who picked it up and threw in one motion, hit the bull's eye and the Aussie has to go back. This is a big wicket at this moment as Watson had started to open up. Watson run out (Rohit) 15(14) [4s-1 6s-1]
Bumrah to Watson, SIX, was it a slower delivery? Does not really matter for it has been dispatched off the sight. Watson read it well and thumped it over the long-on fence, second tier hit
McClenaghan to Rahul, FOUR, this will get him going. Slower short ball from the Kiwi, Rahul had to wait a bit on the pull, but that actually worked for him as it went towards deep square leg. Had he played that early, it would have gone to deep mid-wicket instead
McClenaghan to Rahul, SIX, this is how he answers McClenaghan, fullish ball outside off and Rahul clears his front leg like most of these batters do, muscles it over the long-off fence
McClenaghan to Rahul, FOUR, finally something off Rahul's bat, fine leg was inside the ring and it helped. Short ball and Rahul was late on the pull, begot a top edge which flew over the fielder there
Southee to Watson, FOUR, this is the problem with fast outfield, it becomes too cruel for the bowlers. Shortish ball around off, Watson backs away and mistimes the slap, Pollard from long-off gave it all but the effort was not enough to prevent it from crossing the fence
Krunal Pandya to de Villiers, out Caught by Rayudu!! And now, RCB are in a soup. Their three GUN players are back in the hutch. A near half-tracker has done the trick for Pandya, and when AB gets out to one of these, you know it's your day. AB camps back looking to pull it in the stands but ends up top-edging it in the air. Rayudu runs forward and to his left from deep mid-wicket and hangs on to it despite being on the move. de Villiers c Rayudu b Krunal Pandya 24(27) [4s-1 6s-1]
Harbhajan to de Villiers, no run, fingertips! Bhajji got fingertips on this but couldn't cling on! Excellent dip on the off-break which made AB reach out for it, still couldn't get to the pitch and bunted it softly in the air to Bhajji's left who put in a stupendous dive but couldn't hold on
Harbhajan to de Villiers, SIX, AB has decimated this over cow corner! Nothing elegant about it. Just lined up for the heave, got the length he wanted and brutalized it in the air
Bumrah to Rahul, FOUR, special. That's a special stroke. Fullish outside off, Rahul deliberately presents an angled bat and marinades it inside out over extra-cover to leave Bumrah scratching his head
Bumrah to Rahul, SIX, that's completely come out of nowhere! All of a sudden, Rahul decides to break the shackles. Picks a length ball and flogs it behind square with a clean swipe. He hit that one sweet and got the crowd on its feet
McClenaghan to de Villiers, FOUR, this is too easy for a man of AB's class. Half-volley outside off and he dismisses it from his presence with a scorching extra-cover drive
Southee to Gayle, out Caught by Rohit!! Oh this is a chance. It's a real steepler this as Gayle mistimes the lofted drive. Rohit takes a few steps back from mid-off, looks composed under the ball as it keeps swirling in the air and pouches it safely. Another failure for Chris Gayle whose IPL keeps turning from bad to worse. He lost his mind upon seeing the ball land as full as it did, tried to fetch it from outside off and sliced it off the bottom of the bat. Excellent start from the Mumbai Indians. RCB's two top guns have been disarmed. Gayle c Rohit b Southee 5(6) [4s-1]
Southee to Gayle, FOUR, now this one just drifts across with the arm and ends up as a half-volley outside off. As soon as Gayle's bat comes down from above his head, you know that it only has to make decent contact. Skims away through the covers
McClenaghan to Kohli, out Caught by Harbhajan!! McClenaghan strikes first ball to dismiss Kohli. An innocuous back of a length delivery slanted across off, did Kohli not spot Bhajji there at an unusual deep third slip position? He dabs it straight to him without bothering to keep it along the ground. What a blow early on! Kohli c Harbhajan b McClenaghan 7(7) [6s-1]
Southee to Kohli, SIX, take that! If I can't clear the fielders, I'll go over them. Kohli steps to leg while advancing, creates his own width and carves the outswinger over the covers. Looked to have got it off the bottom of the bat but it clears the ropes.

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Daredevils Highlights

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Daredevils Highlights
Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Daredevils Highlights

Delhi Daredevils Highlights:

Yuvraj to Samson, SIX, and that's it! Two young Indian batsmen have closed off the game for their team. Flat and sliding in towards middle, Samson heaves it with the angle over cow corner
Mustafizur to Rishabh Pant, SIX, low full toss on the pads, really ordinary from Mustafizur, and he has been given the appropriate treatment as Pant whips it over deep mid-wicket. Wow!
Mustafizur to Rishabh Pant, FOUR, full ball and Pant has launched it over mid-off. Sensational batting from the 18-year old. Presents the full face and punches it over the infield
Bhuvneshwar to Samson, 2 runs, slower short of length delivery just outside off, Samson rises with it and tucks it behind square for a brace. It's young legs out there and they won't miss out
Bhuvneshwar to Rishabh Pant, SIX, now this is a killing blow! It vaporizes many of the SRH hopes. And what a time to do it too, right off the first ball of Bhuvi's over to put him under the sword. Bhuvi bowls length around middle and leg, Pant clears his front leg and heaves it over cow corner
Mustafizur to Rishabh Pant, FOUR, such a lackluster over from Mustafizur, and at a time when his team were reeling the momentum back slightly. Bowls an ordinary full toss on middle stump and Pant whips it wide of long-on with a lot of authority. This boy continues to impress
Mustafizur to Rishabh Pant, SIX, Pant has taken a gamble against The Fizz and it has paid rich dividends. Sizes up the full ball and deliberately punches it in the air, just over long-on
Henriques to Samson, SIX, goodness gracious, what a blow! Where's that come from? Samson picks up the length so early after planting his front foot forward, it's been bowled with no real purpose and doesn't get up much from a short of length, and then he pulls it without bothering to transfer his weight back. Way into the mid-wicket stands she goes
Henriques to de Kock, out Caught by N Ojha!! I saw QDK shaking his head, beseeching the umpire that he has not edged it. The umpire looked convinced and started walking towards the stumps. But something struck him and he raised his finger just when de Kock would have thought that he survived it. It was a short ball, away from the reach of de Kock, he tried to play the ramp shot and missed. He might have needed a ladder to reach it. N Ojha looked convinced that de Kock edged, Henriques joined late in the appeal but eventually Hyderabad got the wicket they wanted. Huge blow. de Kock c N Ojha b Henriques 44(31) [4s-5 6s-2]
Henriques to Nair, out Bowled!! Yorker and a slower one and it has got the better of Nair. I thought Nair had it covered for he waited for it, but it was heading towards the base of the stumps and Nair could not jam it away despite staying leg-side and having a good view of it. Will this wicket restrict de Kock's charge? Or has he slipped into that zone where things like this do not bother you? Nair b Henriques 20(17) [4s-3]
Deepak Hooda to de Kock, 1 run, round the wicket comes Hooda and bowls it a touch short. de Kock mistimes the pull to deep mid-wicket
Barinder to de Kock, SIX, and this shot proves QDK has a great eyesight. Fullish delivery on his pads and he whips it over the fine leg fence, what a great pick-up shot this was. Second of the innings so far
Barinder to de Kock, FOUR, nothing seems to be coming off for the bowlers, de Kock read this slower short delivery and then slapped over the fielder at mid-off
Henriques to Nair, FOUR, Nair pokes at it away from the body and begot and inside edge that rolled past the stumps before scooting to the fine leg fence
Mustafizur to de Kock, FOUR, bowl him short and wide and he will say thank you before cutting it through point to fetch a four
Barinder to Nair, FOUR, short and wide, Nair never wanted to keep it down. What are powerplays for, cuts it over the field at point, the ball races away to the fence
Barinder to Nair, FOUR, the world becomes so beautiful everytime someone plays a cover drive like that. Half-volley just outside off, Nair leaned into it, almost effortlessly and then caressed it through the covers
Nehra to de Kock, FOUR, who would say that this man just lost his partner? Backs away and then flashes it uppishly past backward point, third man is inside the ring so there was no one to scout it
Nehra to de Kock, SIX, go fetch that! What a great pick-up shot from de Kock, just used the angle and whipped it over the deep backward square leg fence, went quite deep into the stands
Nehra to M Agarwal, out Caught by Yuvraj!! Nehra strikes. The ball might have held a bit on the pitch, Agarwal went for the on the rise drive, ended up hitting well in front of Yuvi at cover-point, who did not have to bend much to snaffle it. Hyderabad would have paid for such a start. M Agarwal c Yuvraj b Nehra 10(9) [4s-2]
Bhuvneshwar to M Agarwal, FOUR, bumper and a good one, got the better of Agarwal, almost. Pulled this one off the top edge that flew over the keeper and into the fine leg fence
Nehra to de Kock, FOUR, how about that? This is incredible. Presents the full face of the bat on this fullish delivery and bisects the gap between the bowler and mid-on
Nehra to de Kock, FOUR, width and de Kock loves that area. Punches this one past the fielder at backward point, raced to the fence
Bhuvneshwar to M Agarwal, FOUR, that is delectable! Did not try to hit it hard, jus lofted this length delivery over the fielder at mid-on. First boundary of the innings.

Sunrisers Hyderabad Highlights:

Coulter-Nile to N Ojha, out Caught by Samson!! Another full toss, gosh, what's happening to these specialized death bowlers? Yesterday, it was Jordan and now NCN. Never mind, it's done the job. Ojha has flogged it straight to deep backward square. The umpires check for the height on it but it's below waist. N Ojha c Samson b Coulter-Nile 7(9) [4s-1]
Coulter-Nile to N Ojha, FOUR, short ball with a lot of width on offer, Ojha slashes a cut which travels at the speed of light behind backward point. What was it, 3 X 10 raised to the power something. Never did well with Physics
C Morris to N Ojha, out Bhuvneshwar Run Out!! Just too good. Excellent yorker which Ojha somehow squezes onto pad off an inside edge. The ball goes nowhere, but they have to go for the single for Ojha to retain strike. Morris already has a head-start over Bhuvi courtesy his followthrough. Reaches the ball first and side-foots it onto the stumps. All those warm up football sessions paying off. Bhuvneshwar run out (C Morris) 1(2)
C Morris to Williamson, out Bowled!! A quick full toss, at 146ks, rattles the timber. Williamson had backed away too far looking to go inside out but couldn't connect.Williamson b C Morris 27(24) [4s-3]
Coulter-Nile to Deepak Hooda, out Hit Wkt!! Hooda has gone so far back that his back foot ends up stomping on the stumps. Such a rare event in cricket, but now we have had 2 already in this IPL. An innocuous slower back of a length delivery in line with off and middle, Hooda glances it towards short fine leg but not without breaking the stumps. Deepak Hooda hit wkt b Coulter-Nile 10(9) [4s-1]
Coulter-Nile to Deepak Hooda, no ballFOUR, lovely shot. He makes room but is denied the same by NCN who follows him with a full ball. But Hooda is defiant. Slices the drive through the off-side ring, where everyone is up in the circle. What's more,NCN has overstepped as well
C Morris to Williamson, FOUR, look at how he's used the wrists to maneouver the ball over mid-wicket. First Williamson walked across outside off, then he picked a fullish ball and whipped it over the infield to split the field in the deep
Shami to Henriques, out Lbw!! The ball has skid on, all evening, with the sheen on the pitch. Henriques is startled by the rapidity with which it comes to him. Rather than being forward to a length ball, he's caught on the crease and is late to bring the bat down. Thuds him right on the knee-roll in front of middle. Height is the only issue but with him being so far back, the ball doesn't have much distance to travel. Gone! Henriques lbw b Shami 0(1)
Mishra to Yuvraj, out Caught by Rishabh Pant!! A real QUICK cross-seam ball from Mishra has consumed another Indian leftie. Fired on a back of a length on the pads, Yuvraj is startled by the pace on it - so much so that he rushes into flicking it away and spoons it off a leading edge. The ball loops up in front of backward square leg, Pant is the man there, never looked settled and ended up having to dive forward, but he holds his cool and grabs it safely. Yuvraj c Rishabh Pant b Mishra 8(8) [6s-1]
Mishra to Yuvraj, SIX, that YUVRAj flourish is certainly back. Just a shimmy down the track, his big strides get him close to the ball and negates the risk of playing against the turn of a googly. And then he simply extends his arms to launch the ball in an arc over long-on
Shami to Williamson, FOUR, rising short ball angled in towards Williamson's chest, ends up hurrying him on the pull. Catches a bit of glove and loops over de Kock into the fence
Mishra to Dhawan, out Caught by Samson!! Mishra strikes with a quick cross-seam delivery. Darts it on a shortish length, 114ks, hits close to the sticker on Dhawan's bat as he tries to slog and lobs up in front of deep mid-wicket where Samson runs in and pouches it safely before tumbling over. Real good catch this as he was on the move when he grabbed it. Dhawan's laboured knock comes to an end. Never looked in any kind of rhythm. Dhawan c Samson b Mishra 34(37) [4s-3]
Mishra to Williamson, FOUR, Mishra drops it very short, and Williamson is not one to miss out despite not being in great form this season. He goes deep in the crease and pulls it hard along the turf to split long-on and deep mid-wicket
Duminy to Dhawan, FOUR, this is a gem of a shot from Dhawan. He has been sweeping well today, of course it was on the middle and leg and it allowed Dhawan the space of get low and sweep it into the fine leg fence
Duminy to Dhawan, FOUR, fine leg is inside the ring and Duminy served it on the pads of Dhawan, who crouched low and swept it with ease
Jayant Yadav to Warner, out Bowled!! He was brought for this and he has done his part just in time, before finishing his spell. It was a quicker delivery and was a bit full as well. Warner moved leg-side, like he always does, realised that it was not there to cut, tried to force it away but was too late. The ball pegged the leg-stick, leaving Warner dejected. Warner b Jayant Yadav 46(30) [4s-6 6s-1]
Jayant Yadav to Warner, FOUR, that will hurt. Flatter delivery and Warner flat bats it to long-off where Morris lets it go through his legs
Duminy to Warner, FOUR, long-off was fairly wide and that helped Warner, he did not time this lofted shot on the flighted delivery. Had enough legs to cross the fence though
Coulter-Nile to Dhawan, 1 run, Dhawan gets on top of the bounce of this length delivery and then steers it to third man for a single
Coulter-Nile to Dhawan, leg byes, FOUR, tries to go for the slower delivery, missed the line a bit. Dhawan moved across and wanted to tickle it fine, won't mind as the ball kissed his pad and rushed to the fine leg fence
Coulter-Nile to Dhawan, 1 run, that would have been close . Dhawan fenced this length delivery to point and set off, Warner dived and made it in the end as the throw missed the target
Jayant Yadav to Warner, SIX, this is the over that will put them on the pedastal. Clears his front leg this time and smacks it over the bowler's head, it just about cleared the fence
Jayant Yadav to Warner, FOUR, he is playing with the bowlers now. Moved across and forced Yadav to bowl it down the leg-side and then whipped it to the fine leg fence with ease
Jayant Yadav to Warner, FOUR, short ball and that has been punished. Did not time it well but managed to get enough on it to get it to the long-off fence
Shami to Warner, FOUR, same area, different shot. Warner waits for the back of a length delivery and then punches it past point, this one raced to the fence quicker than the previous shot, was hit with some power
Shami to Warner, FOUR, how well has that been timed? Did not try to hit it, stayed on the leg-side of the delivery and then just dabbed it into the ground, beat the fielder running from third man with ease
Shami to Dhawan, FOUR, you don't bowl there - on the pads of a batter. Half-volley on his pads and he flicks it past the fielder at mid-on. No need to run for those
Shami to Warner, 1 run, starts with a shortish delivery on the hips of Warner, he pulls it to fine leg. 3000 IPL runs for Warner.